Monday, October 26, 2009

The Sandhill Crane

We did not see a sandhill crane, but we heard one in the distance, whistling. So, we're writing about the sandhill crane because we heard it.
First, we found this page that has three different calls. Go to the bottom of the page to find them.
We found this picture of a stained adult.
Our friend Al gave me a book called Wild About Michigan Birds, and it has information in it about Sandhill Cranes. And other birds like goldfinches and stuff.
Here's what we learned from the book about Sandhill Cranes:
They dance with their mate. While they dance, the make a call that can be heard two miles away. After they dance, they make their nest. One tosses stuff over the shoulder that will be good for a nest, the other lines it up like a nest that is 5 feet across. They spread mud on the wings for camouflage. They lay 1-3 eggs a year, and both parents sit on them. They are omnivorous. They eat invertebrates, reptiles, plant tubers, and grains. They spend the winter in Georgia and Florida.


  1. hey, that sandhill crane is really cool! pretty big, too. If you ever see one dance, take a picture...I would love to see that! Did you ever put thistle seed out for the finches? We've had lots of rain lately, but cardinals still come to the feeder anyway. We love you, Mr. birdman! GranHope and GrandDaddy

  2. Yes, we did put the thistle seed feeder out in the tree, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal Bird Watchers! I love you! Love, Arden