Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Red Bellied Woodpecker

Last Sunday, we saw a Red Bellied Woodpecker. It doesn't have as much red on the head as the Red Headed Woodpecker. But, the Red Headed doesn't have as much red on its BELLY as the Red Bellied Woodpecker. I saw little white dots going down its black back. It is bigger than a Downy Woodpecker. We saw a Downy Woodpecker when we were with GrandDaddy. It has a red belly. No, actually, a pink belly. I noticed little spikes on its tongue. The rest of its tongue was pink, skinny, and pointy. We took this picture of it.
Facts we learned while making this post:
First we are going to listen to its call, of course, silly horse! Here it is. When I listened to this call, I knew that I had heard it before. So, I went over to my bird book and typed in 74, and it was the same call AND it was the same bird! Cool!
Its actually does have pointy ridges on it. It has sticky spit which makes it easier to catch prey because, when any insect touches its tongue ... STICK. I would be able to get out. It can stick its tongue two inches past the end of its beak!
It is not a migratory bird. It stays in the same place. It sometimes steals other birds nests.

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