Saturday, October 3, 2009

Nashville Warbler

We saw a Nashville Warbler at the bird banding barn. We saw a female. The female is darker. It is yellow on the belly and chestnut on the head. It is tiny. I got to release it. We have pictures of the of me releasing it.
Facts we learned while making this post:
First we listened to its call.
We should learn about where it lives. In the summer it lives in Northwestern United States and Southeastern Canada. It migrates through all of the United States, and spends the winter in Mexico.
It sometimes uses porcupine quills as nest material.
Because it is a warbler, it eats bugs.
Here is a picture of a female, the actual bird.

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  1. oh what a pretty little bird, Arden, thank you. I have never seen this bird before. I love you, GranHope