Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Geese

I'm juuuust starting this post about geese. I'm learning about geese at school, sooooo my teacher asked me to write a report on geese. I'm excited about it. She didn't ask anyone else to write a report on geese. I started today by copying a picture from a book. It doesn't look exactly the same. I drew a picture of a Canadian Goose, but I don't have to really do just Canadian. Next to the goose, I drew the arctic region of where it lives, and I left it white in the middle because there's a little snow that's not on the ocean, and I just didn't draw anything for snow. I wrote "arctic" because it lives in the arctic region. It lives also here in Michigan! We see them all the time at parks, near my mom Jill's work, and we see them where we kayak near our house sometimes!
Here's a picture of me drawing a Canadian Goose.


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  2. Arden,

    It was fun seeing you at my office yesterday. I'm catching up on your blog. Wow - you've been busy! There are so many great birds here in your blog.

    I love seeing the geese at work too! Some days, when I drive to work, all the cars are stopped on the road because the geese are walking across the street. I usually don't like traffic, but it's fun watching the geese waddle across the road.

    Here's an event you should keep in mind for next February: The Great Backyard Bird Count

    I look forward to reading more of your blog posts. Later dude.


  3. Hi Brian,
    We see birds in our backyard. Do you see birds in your backyard?
    Later dude!