Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We saw a lot of warblers at the Bird Barn. For the next few posts, we'll be talking about warblers.

First we will talk about Tennessee Warblers.
It is yellowy green. It has a black
stripe through each eye. When being held, the one we saw likes to streeeeetch the neck.
Like all warblers, it eats bugs. Its beak is pointy to get bugs and to crush bug exoskeletons (or shells).

Facts we learned about the Tennessee Warbler while writing this post:
First, we listen to its call. You can listen here.
It breeds in Canada in the summer. It migrates down to Central and South America for the winter.
It is a little bird.

This is a picture of a Tennessee Warbler.

Magnolia Warbler
I first saw a picture of a Magnolia Warbler in my bird game. (Jill note: Birds of North America 100 piece memory card game. I couldn't find a link!)
It has orange fat. It has yellow feathers. The one we saw was female because the colors weren't as bright. There is black in the tail. It has a beak that is pointy like the Tennessee Warbler which was before this for you to learn about.

Facts we learned while making this post:
First we heard the call.
And also we learned that it migrates through Eastern and Central United States, and spends the winter in Central America. The last bird went to South AND Central. It breeds in Canada in the summer.

This is a picture of a male Magnolia Warbler.


  1. Arden and Jill - this is an amazing blog and I learned so much from reading it! I particularly love the links to listen to the actual bird calls! You make this an interactive experience and I think it's neat that you involve other people by doing that. I can't wait to read more! Thanks for doing this!

  2. Hi Arden and Jill, I am looking forward to checking your blog every day to learn something new. There are so many kinds of birds, and I don't spend very much time getting to know them. I am glad your blog will help me pay more attention. Thanks! I love you! Love, Aunt Em

  3. Thanks, to both (and all! on other posts!) commenters! Arden gets really excited when I tell him that people commented, and yesterday, particularly with Aunt Emily's comment, he grinned and scrunched up his shoulders. He loves them, but isn't sure what to say in response. So, keep the comments coming! Jill