Monday, September 21, 2009

Pileated Woodpecker

Yesterday when we were walking our dogs, we heard a pileated woodpecker. Jill did not know it was a pileated woodpecker, but I did. When we got home, I got my bird book out, and I typed in 76 to get to the pileated woodpecker. Then I pressed play, and the same sound came up that we had heard from the real one. It sounds like this. You can also see a picture. We did not see it, we just heard it.

Facts that we learned while making this post:
We learned that the pileated woodpecker is permanent resident. This means that they don't migrate.
Pileated woodpeckers eat beetle larvae and carpenter ants. This is helpful to humans. They also eat berries and nuts.

In our next posts, we will type up the notes that we took at the bird banding station at the Kalamazoo Nature Center on Sunday morning.

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