Monday, September 28, 2009

Blue Jays

We are writing about blue jays because we saw them outside, but not even at the nature center! Near our sledding hill, we saw five blue jays. Jill had seen a bunch around. We listened to the blue jay call in my book, but that wasn't the call that Jill had heard.
At the bird barn, we looked at a bird book, and we found stuff out about blue jays. These are the notes we took:
--they often mimic the red shouldered hawk.
--If they're from the north, they often migrate in large flocks. Like the ones we saw. We live in the north. Not all blue jays migrate.
--They make nests up to 50 feet above the ground in a tree. The nest is made of twigs, moss and leaves.

When we got home, we listened to the red shouldered hawk call and the blue jay call, and the red shouldered hawk call is the one that she had been hearing.
We found this blue jay call.
We found this red shouldered hawk call.

Here are more facts we learned while making this post:
They sometimes eat grasshoppers, eggs, and nestlings, beetles. Usually they eat acorns, nuts, and seeds.
They are noisy. Oh, yeah.

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