Friday, September 25, 2009

The Last Two Warblers

We are going do the last two warblers that we saw last week. Then we'll start on vireos. Then blue birds, and the rest of what we saw. Then it will be time to get more birds from, like, outside of the bird barn.

American Redstart
We've seen an American Redstart two times at the bird barn--last Sunday and with Granddaddy three weeks ago. (Jill edited--Arden continues to maintain that it was nine weeks ago. He is not often wrong, but about this he is! :))
We learned that it likes to eat caterpillars.
Facts we learned while making this post:
First we listen to the call. We like the call sound at that link, but the picture was more, like, cartoony. We will look for a more real one.
It's nest is made up of leaves, sticks, twigs, bark, hair, and spider silk holds it together. The nest is tucked between tree branches or in shrubs.

Black Throated Blue Warbler
We're not sure why we didn't take any notes about Black Throated Blue Warblers, but we know that it eats insects because it is a warbler. We saw a male.

Facts we learned while making this post:
We heard the call.
It lives in forests.
It migrates to the Caribbean for the winter.
The female Black Throated Blue Warbler looks like the fall Tennessee Warbler which we wrote about before.

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