Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Black Capped Chickadees

We're writing about black capped chickadees because we see them a lot in our yard. I know how to make the call. We'll record it in a minute, and then find a different kind
of call on the internet.
We're gonna learn about black capped
chickadees from our Michigan bird book.
Facts we learned while making this post:
*They are a permanent resident of Michigan. They survive the winter by snugging in nest boxes or nests with up to 50 other black capped chickadees. They lower their body temperature at night. This helps them use less energy, so they don't need to find food at night.
*The males and females look the same.
*They eat bugs all year long. In the winter, they eat some bugs, and an extra amount of seeds
and fat. They eat mostly bugs in spring, summer, and fall.
*They weigh as much as one quarter.
Here's the call that I recorded:

Here is a call we found. There are four calls on that page. They don't sound like our chickadees. I think that's interesting.
We're going to put pictures up that we took around our house, and then another picture that we found on the computer. 5 pictures and 5 calls!

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  1. Awesome! this is Henry and I wanted to say awesome videos! Cool blog Arden!