Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Arden and The Turkeys

My friend Chris has turkeys and I've tried to pet them and I never have. But I have pet one of her chickens, and I named it Silk Feathers with the nick name Silky. I named it Silk Feathers because its feathers felt like silk.
Here's a picture of me petting Silk Feathers.

Here are Chris' turkeys.

Here's the turkey I made for school.


  1. Dear Arden, GrandDaddy and I are presently talking to Aunt Emily on the telephone about your turkey blog entry. We really like the one you made at school...very colorful! I have never pet a turkey either, but I would like to pet Mr. Silk Feathers chicken. Guess what! GrandDaddy saw a hawk at our dripper the other day...very neat! We are hoping the big piliated woodpecker will show up again on Thanksgiving morning! We love that you were here for that! And we love you! GranHope

  2. Hello Arden!
    Your Granhope is a dear friend of mine, and she sent me the link to your blog. She knows how interested I am in birds and how important they are to our environment.
    What fun you had meeting those turkeys! And how neat that you got to pet a chicken. When I was your age, my grandparents had some chickens, but none of them ever wanted to be petted!
    The turkey you created at school is really awesome! Soon it will be time to make Christmas crafts; won't that be fun??!!

    I liked reading about the snow geese and chickadees that live near you. Did you know that thousands of geese and other wild fowl come to Texas every winter? They want to be where it is warm and where they can easily find food. I hope that someday you will come to visit and to see the wild birds here. You would love to see the whooping cranes that come to the Texas Gulf Coast each winter; they fly all the way from Canada! (Your mom can show you on the map). They are very large white birds with a distinctive call. Just a few years ago, the whooping cranes were in danger of becoming extinct, but bird lovers like you got together and helped save them.
    Thank you for writing your blog. By doing this you are teaching other people about birds, so now you are a teacher just like Mommy!
    Come see us in Texas!
    Your friend,

  3. Dear GranHope and Marsha,
    At the playground yesterday, we saw two--we don't know, but we think--red shouldered hawks. They were soaring in the sky. Thank you for reading my blog.