Sunday, November 7, 2010

We're Back! and Water Birds

Hello. We haven't blogged for a while. We've been busy. We have a new baby and we call her Trudy Bird. We haven't done much stuff at the bird banding station, but I've joined the Junior Audubon Club of Kalamazoo. We watch birds at different places around Kalamazoo.

We went to the Bird Sanctuary to look at water fowl. There are other birds there, like birds of prey, but we aren't going to write about them right now. We are writing about water birds.

We saw a hooded merganser. We had never seen one before. We learned that they are common in the Great Lakes Region. We live in the Great Lakes Region. We learned that they eat crayfish and small fish and crustaceans. They like forested wetlands and tidal creeks for winter. They lay 9-11 eggs. We thought the male looked very cool. Here's a picture:
We also found it's call. You can listen here.


  1. This is very interesting. I never knew about these water fowl. I think if I had heard their call I might have thought it was a frog. I love their giant poofy heads! Thanks for telling us about these handsome local neighbors.

  2. They do look very cool! Great blog, so happy to be following you from Nairobi, Kenya, where we have so many different kinds of birds than you have.

    Keep posting!

  3. I'm fascinated by the way that the male merganser looks like the Anchiornis huxleyi dinosaur that was rendered in 3-D and color last year. Maybe you remember the article:

    Thanks for posting, Arden and Jill.

  4. Hi Arden and Jill, thank you for getting back to blogging. We love knowing what you are interested in currently and we know how busy you are right now. I saw a beautiful white egret fly down to the bank of a creek today. GrandDaddy and I miss you and Trudy Bird terribly. I hope you are telling her of all your adventures. Love, GranHope

  5. dear arden, glad to see you back!!!!!!!!!
    do bird spieces live in caves? (from gracen.)

  6. Good to see you are back, Arden!! Have most of the migratory birds left Michigan yet?

  7. Gracen, some birds are temporary dwellers in caves. Cave swifts and the South American Oil Bird.
    See you on Thanksgiving for yummy food and fun!
    Arden and Jill